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Abandoned Cemetery Care Association

Livingston County, Missouri, Obituaries 1950-1989 CD-ROM

This CD is the culmination of efforts of many people over a fifty year period. It contains 2,986 graphics files. The index refers to 4,121 surnames and 13,758 given names. To fund the ongoing care of abandoned cemeteries of Livingston County, Missouri, the Abandoned Cemetery Care Association is offering this CD-ROM for a tax-deductible minimum donation of $50.00 plus $5.50 shipping and handling. Except for the production cost of the CD-ROM, all funds will go towards the maintenance of abandoned cemeteries of Livingston County, MO.

Please help your abandoned cemeteries of Livingston County, Missouri.

Make your donation.

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ACD-1     Livingston County Obituaries (1950 - 1989) CD-ROM ---------------- $50.00 + 5.50 S&H1
  • By Mail: Send money order or check to Abandoned Cemetery Care Association, P.O. Box 1222, Chillicothe, MO 64601.

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Project History

When he retired from teaching school, Earle Teegarden, Sr., became active in the management of the Somerville Room at the Livingston County Library, where the genealogy material is kept. He clipped the obituaries from the Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, placed them in individual envelopes, and filed them. Following the death of Mr. Teegarden in 1982, Grace Cole clipped the obits, expanding the scope of the project to include such newspapers as the Braymer Bee, Kansas City Star and St. Joseph Gazette.

Marie Dryden went to the Missouri State Archives for advice on the preservation of this collection. They suggested that we tape the clippings to paper, and they in turn would microfilm them for us. Several volunteers from the Livingston County Genealogical Society and the local DAR chapter devoted a great deal of time to preparation of the clippings for microfilming. Vivian Haas, Gladys Boehner and others helped tape the obits to paper. Gladys Boehner created an electronic index.

Later, Marie Dryden used her personal computer to scan the sheets into digitized graphics files. These files, along with an electronic index in the formats of WordPerfect and Adobe Portable Document Format, were put on a six-CD set. Soon after she completed this phase of the project, Marie passed away. It was her wish that these obituaries be marketed, with the profits to be used for the preservation and maintenance of all the abandoned cemeteries in Livingston County. Images on the six-CD set were reprocessed, by Jim Stout,  to enable storage on a single CD, and the index was implemented in HTML for ease of use. Every step of this project was performed by unpaid volunteers. This CD is the culmination of efforts of many people over a fifty year period. It contains 2,986 graphics files. The index refers to 4,121 surnames and 13,758 given names. When this CD-ROM becomes technologically obsolete, it is our hope that future volunteers will convert this data to a format that will extend its availability to researchers as far into the future as possible.

Persons interested in Livingston County obituaries should also consider the cemetery photos on CD offered by CemPhoto WorkShop. Images of several Livingston County cemeteries are now available. Each CD includes a photo of every gravestone in the cemetery. For more information, write to CemPhoto Workshop, P. O. Box 1222, Chillicothe, MO 64601. Or, visit their Internet website at: www.cemphoto.com .