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Satisfied Customers


Nancy from California

WOW !!!

Just got my order from CemPhoto and I am so impressed!  The photo's are as clear as a bell, and the extra care that you have taken to present the photos in such a precise manner, is quite obvious.  The info is easy to read, the CD itself is so well laid out and it's a snap to browse.  The included maps to the cemeteries and added extras (sextant info, etc.) is really valuable and a very nice touch!
What a wonderful surprise to get more than I anticipated!
Great job guys! 
OOPS! I forgot to mention that the cemetery books are pretty impressive too.

Willa from Kentucky

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Christison Cemetery CD and book. Thank you very much. This is a wonderful tool and I just wish others had the service. I found an address for one great uncle in Chillicothe, Missouri. I got on line and found your cemetery listings and luckily found the correct cemetery for my great uncle and his wife. That was a couple of years ago and I thought that was a great find. I figured one day I would try making a trip to Missouri and find this cemetery and gravesite. Now thanks to you and this wonderful service you are providing, I don't have to make that trip. (But may some day)

James from Virginia

I recently received your Coloma Cemetery CD.  The format and pictures are outstanding. Eight of my direct ancestors are buried at Coloma. (All excellent pictures)  Your good work provides me an excellent picture of my ancestor Martha A. Botts' gravestone.  There is a bit of mystery concerning her gravestone.  Early listings (including Mrs. Ellsberry's as I remember) for Coloma do not include her grave.  I personally visited the cemetery in 1999 and after a diligent search did not find her grave.  Several of my cousins searched the cemetery in the seventies without success.  But there it is on your CD!  It is hard to believe all of us missed a large stone in the middle of the cemetery.  Many thanks for filling in a gap in my family history.  I appreciate it. 

Laura from Illinois

Thank you so much for your work. Recently I discovered I had a half-sister who my mom gave up for adoption. Through your web site I discovered where
her father is buried and will be able to share this with her. It also lists several other family names which will help us in our quest to learn more about her father.

Calvin from Oklahoma

Jack and Fred, Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Cd-rom. The quality of the photos is just outstanding. The CD is easily worth twice the price. Count me as one of your happy and enthusiastic customers. Sincerely, Calvin

Hi, Fred , Just a friendly note to say that I have received the CD of the Plymouth Cemetery. It, like the others I have ordered is a beautiful piece of work. I admire you for the valuable community service that you do at a very reasonable price. Many Thanks, Calvin

Louise from Kansas

Just wanted to let you know that I am really pleased with the CD's I ordered.  You have done a fantastic job and the CD's are so easy to use.   I have already found tombstones I did not find by walking the cemeteries.  Please let me know if you ever take pictures of the tombstones in Sherburne Cemetery which is just over the line in Grundy County.  I would be interested in purchasing that one too. 

Jim from Maryland

Thanks CemPhoto. You saved me a trip to Missouri to visit my great, great great grandfather!

Rita from California

I love the Maberry Cemetery, when I was there a couple of years ago, and tried to take some photos......the grass was sooooooo high and we got poisen oak from the trip and lousy photos...so I really love these photos and I really appreicate all your hard work.....glad to hear you are going to do the Hale cemetery.

Debbie from Kansas

I Received the Ross Cemetery CD-ROM and really enjoy it.  Adding the newspaper articles on the CD-ROM about the two families killed in the train accident and buried in the Ross Cemetery was an extra nice touch.  I really enjoyed reading more about these two families.  It's part of the history of the cemetery.  Thanks for a job well done!

Leota from Kansas

Hello.  Thank you.  I got my Wheeling cemetery cd and I loved it!  My grandparents and great-grandparents are buried there.  They lived in Chillicothe for years and I was born near Chula at my grandparents home 58 years ago. 

Perry from South Dakota

Thank you for the great photos and the obituaries which helped tremendously with researching my family
history.  I really appreciated how quickly the CD's arrived.

Melvin & Judith from Kentucky

We received the CD Monday and have enjoyed it very much, hopefully when you get thru with
 Livingston County, you can do Linn County. Thanks so much for all the good work you have done.

Terry from Missouri

Just looked at the 1907 Caldwell County CD Rom and it's great!  I would love to be on your mailing list  for
these things if you  have one.   Thanks and keep up the good work.  I love it.  Terry

Larry from Florida

Thanks for all the work you do and still keep the prices very reasonable.

Ken from Iowa

You do such great work.  Couldn't have driven down and back for the very reasonable price of your CD's.

James from California

I received the Blue Mound Cd today and wanted to thank you. I was very impressed that it all happened so fast. I think that what you are doing is absolutely wonderful and I truly hope that others will follow your example. I know that my family will appreciate it for years to come.

Debbie from Montana

Just got the CD on the Plainview Cemetery.  I never dreamed that I would ever see the headstone for my GGGrandfather and his wife Nancy.  I also have 15 other ancestors buried there.  I knew that I would never get to Missouri from Helena, MT in my life time.  Thanks so very much.  Your work means so much to so many.  I hope you get up to Adair County soon.  I have even more kin buried there.

Joe from Missouri

Your recently released Blue Mound CD is really important to me in my efforts to compile a history of that area. Many thanks.

Barbara from Indiana

I just got your CD-27 of Blue Mound Cemetery.  IT IS FABULOUS  !!!  Thank you so much for doing what you are doing.

Carla from California

Thanks for all the work you have done in putting the cemeteries on CD.

Karen from Missouri

Got the c-d's today.  You have done another outstanding job on them.  I now have 8 of the Cemeteries. And see several more on your to do list that I want.  I will keep watch to see when you get them done. Karen

Alan from Wales, UK

Many thanks for the CD - it arrived this morning - great service! I think it is an excellent idea to record those gravestones in this modern way. I have several distant relatives buried in the cemetery - I did not even know they existed before internet days.

Jim from Missouri

I got the Gaunt Cemetery CD and it's just like your other CDs -- outstanding.

Carole from California

Thank you for the disk and book - it was a tremendous help. I couldn't finish my DAR application papers without the information contained in the information I found in the book and on the disk.

Laurann from Illinois

Thank you for the prompt delivery. I was delighted to look at my gggrandmothers head stone. I was hoping to see it on your CD-ROM. It was great to see the grass cut, too. I visited the South Cemetery the summer of 1998 and it was completely covered with high weeds. One of her children was buried in North Cemetery and her headstone was visible on the CD-ROM. I WAS VERY EXCITED! THE PICTURES WERE GREAT, TOO!

Nancy from Missouri

Your site is really great, and is better every time I see it. Thanks for all your hard work. The cemetery pictures are wonderful.

Betty from North Dakota

The cd is great, you did a great job and I did find one that was mine, just wonder where the rest of the family is buried.

Jane from Missouri

Your index books are the best. I like the way you have a alphabetical index and also indexed by row & stone order. This way you can see who is buried next to your family.

John from Ohio

Works great. THANK YOU for putting out a nice product.