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FH-16 Austin Funeral Home Books Five & Six - This is the fifth and sixth record books of the Austin Funeral Home, located in Tina, Missouri.  These books date from 27 January 1962 to 3 December 1967.

These books are the original funeral home books.  We have scanned each page and you can read all the information on the page.

To see a sample of this book click here:  Sample Page

We offer this book on CD-ROM for $19.95 plus s&h $5.50

Or, you can purchase by the Page for $7.00 each.  You get a scanned image file in .jpg format of your information by email, or if you prefer we can mail you a printed copy of the information you requested.

Extra Documents Code:

CT = Corpse Transit Label    DC = Death Certificate    M = Miscellaneous documents    O = Newspaper Obituary     P = Photo

ADRIAN, Myrdith M. 17 O, M
AKERSON, Rosa Lee 53 O
ALTER, Russell Henry 110 O
AUWARTER, Polly Elizabeth 119 O
AVERY, Margaret Ann 7 O
BACHTEL, Minnie Ambrosia 1 O, M
BAKER, Mattie 85 O
BALLEW, Charles Edward 52 O
BALLEW, John Harold 40 O, M
BATES, Murl Leroy 50 O
BENNETT, James S. 36 O
BENNETT, Norma Jean 51 O
BENSON, Myrtle May (Smith) 46 M
BIGGS, Clara Etta 15 O, M
Blank Page 152  
Blank Page 20  
BOWLING, Samuel Brown Sr. 106 O
BRAMMER, Carl E. 62 O
BROWN, Albert 77 O
BROWNING, Samuel James 10 O, P, M
BROYLES, Bertha Jane 26 O
BROYLES, May 54 O, M
BUCHER, Telitha Ann 20 O
BURNSIDE, Marilda E. 18 O
CAIN, Lois Ellen 7 O, M
CALFEE, Dora Edith 147 O, M
CALFEE, Elaine Lee 115 DC, O, M
CALLAWAY, Eugene 17 O
CANNING, John Ross Rev. 107 CT, O, M
CARSON, Mary Caroline 23 O
CASE, Anna May 141 O
CASPER, Oscar Raymond 143 O, M
CAULK, Ira P. 30 O
CHINN, Esther Alice 80 O
CHRYSLER, Robert 148 O, M
CLUTE, Willie 94 O
COLTON, Charlie 32 O
COONS, Cyril T. 19 O
CORF, Tommie 22 Photo only
CORF, William Ralph 146 O, M
COX, Ilverene 116 O
CRACKENBERGER, Theodore (Ted) 31 O
CRISMOND, Tilly Austin 18 O, M
CROSBY, Gladys Faye 12 O
CROSBY, Jennie 78 O
CULBERTSON, Clarence Snowden 138 O
CUMMINGS, John J. 63 O
DAILEY, Arthur L. 151 O, M
DAUGHERTY, Pearl Iona 3 O, M
DENNIS, Eunice 135 O, M
DENNIS, James D. 1 O
DILLAMON, Millie Ann 130 O, M
DRAWBAUGH, Lillian L. 13 O, M
DUNCAN, Thomas Adam 129 O
DYE, James Kent 66 O
EVANS, Issa Pearl 14 O
EVANS, Pearl B. 57 O
EVANS, Sadie Elizabeth 45 O
FOLTZ, Esta Leona 15 O
FRIZZELL, Barbara Ellen 112 O, M
FRIZZELL, Clayborn Jackson 5 O
FROCK, Bertha N. 114 O
FROCK, Glenn Allen 101 O
FROCK, John Barton 43 O
GARBER, Dora Ruth 9 O, M
GATES, Anna E. 16 O
GODSEY, Cecil Leone 47 O
GRAY, Clarence Albert 13 O
GRISWOLD, David Oliver 91 O
HARDIN, James Harry 22 O
HART, Lily May 90 O
HININGER, Elsie Ellen 123 O
HOCKETT, Lester Jesse 16 O, M
HOLLADAY, John James 61 O
HOUSEWORTH, Linnie Mae 58 O
HOUX, Margaret 44 O
HOWARD, Sarah J. (Sadie) 65 O
HUBBARD, Sarah Elizabeth 10 O
HUDDLESTON, Anna Elizabeth 64 O
HUDDLESTON, Emma Edith 70 O
HUFFMAN, Minnie 134 O, M
HUFFMON, Esther Catherine 103 O
HUFFMON, Floyd Alvin 137 O, M
HUFFMON, Lillie Evalen 89 O
HULL, Nora E. 23 Obit only
IRICK, Arthur Lee 72 O
JACOBS, Lucy Charity 150 O, M
JACOBS, Roscoe Melrin 67 O
JACOBS, Willie Loyd 79 DC, O, P, M
JAMISON, Katherine McCleese 92 O
JEFFRIES, Helen Hope 68 O
JENKINS, Richard John 118 O. M
JONES, James Willard 81 DC, O, M
KEMP, Clarence Merle 99 O
KIEFFER, William Harold 125 O, M
KING, Mary Jane 27 O
KIRKER, Lillian S. 96 O
KISSICK, Orrin Wilkerson 69 O
LEATON, William Theodore 8 O
LESTER, Martha Elizabeth (Mattie) 111 O
LIGHTFOOT, Genevra Belle 88 O
LIGHTFOOT, Jacob E. 95 O
LIGHTFOOT, Leander Samuel 38 O
LINTON, Ida Belle 86 O
LOGAN, Edith Alice 33 O
LOMENICK, Earl Radford 6 O
MABERRY, Christina Lynn 12 O
MABERRY, Flora Luvenia 4 O, M
MACE, Addie Belle 8 O, M
MARSHALL, Robert M. 21 P, Obit only
MARTIN, Fred Walter 24 O
MATHIESON, John Wesley 34 O
McDONALD, Ida 145 O, M
McDUFFIE, Virginia Evelyn 109 O
MECUM, Myrtle Alice 102 O
MILHOLLIN, Willard P. 73 O
MILLER, James 75 O
MINNIS, Milton P. 74 O
MINOR, Leon Harold 126 O, M
MONGER, Wilma Madeline 2 O, M
MUSSER, John Dayton 55 O, M
NORRIS, Harlan Clayborn 120 O
O'DELL, Josephine 3 O
O'DELL, Orvis Isaac 136 O, M
ODEN, Ethel Jane 127 O, M
ODEN, Gerald Lee 9 O
OGDEN, Eliza Jane 122 O
PARKS, Nellie May 100 O
PATTON, Deloss Lewis 21 O
PLUMMER, Roscoe L. 131 O, M
PROCTOR, Chester 128 O
PULTZ, Charles W. D. 42 O
PULTZ, Emma C. (Eaton) 124 O, M
RAY, Luella (Lula) 83 O
REINITZ, Clara Matilda 49 O, M
RENN, Alfred A. 60 O
RICHARDSON, Nannie Bess 56 O
ROOP, Bertha May 84 O
SAMPLE, Theodore 6 O, M
SHEARER, Lovie 113 O
SHOEMAKER, Earl L. 76 O, M
SIMPSON, Frank 19  
SINGER, Herschel Emery 4 O
SINGLETON, Thomas I. 39 O
SPERRY, Fred 14 O, M
STANDLEY, Myrtle Margaret 87 O
STEWART, Lawrence Willard 93 O
STIRLING, Charles Everett 139 O, M
THOMASON, James Marshall 59 O
TURNER, Marie 142 O, M
UHRMACHER, William Robert 35 O
VANDERPOOL, Ernest C. Rev. 133 O, M
VANDERPOOL, Jessie Olive 105 O, M
VAUGHAN, Maude F. 132 O, M
VAUGHAN, Minnie Alice 29 O
WALTERS, Thomas Franklyn 104 O
WARREN, Sarah 24 Obit only
WAYMAN, Twin Infants (Wayman, Larry) 11 O, M
WELCH, James Edward 48 O, M
WESCOTT, Maude Estella 149 O, M
WESCOTT, William Peter 28  
WHITE, Etta May 2 O
WHITESIDE, Keturah D. 140 O
WHITTON, Nellie 108 O, M
WILLIS, Orriss Phoebe 71 O
WILSON, Charlotte Louise 117 O
WILSON, William G. 98 O
WIMMER, Gertrude May 37 O
WOODEN, Verna Cleo 41 O
WURSTER, George 82 O